Kenyans are still mad at Sauti Sol for canceling the much anticipated Sol Saturday concert.

The gig was to go down last Saturday at The Waterfront Karen only for the boy band to cancel on the material day, angering thousands who had bought tickets.

They issued a statement saying they had to cancel due to Covid-19 and that they were afraid they could not safely hold a successful event following the proper guidelines given that 3000 people had bought tickets.

"That space was not conducive given the current pandemic to safely hold 3000 people. We wouldn’t have irresponsibly allowed having this massive crowd without proper Covid protocols. Hence our decision. Nothing but love to you all." Fancy Fingers shared.

Fast forward to Wednesday and one guy who found himself in hot soup for defending Sauti Sol is Flaqo the comedian.

Flaqo was replying to a tweet about the band allegedly refusing to perform simply because the stage was not up to their standards.

Flaqo wrote;

Sauti Sol are putting us on the map and if the preparation waz (sic)not on point to give people the experience as they planned then maybe cancelling waz (sic) really worth it,they against mediocrity just as we all are.


Ghafla bin vuu he was attacked from all corners, with some claiming that he has made it hence the reasoning.

Many attacked him for being a cross dressing comedian while some canceled him stating that Mulamwah is better than him.

Below are a few reactions;

Man Pini: You can dare use the word mediocrity na hua unavaa wig za wamama to spice up your comedy?

Ajay: Umeanza kupata pesa ya naivas umefurisha kichwa

Chilli lemon: What does someone who performs in his mum's compound know about concert preparation