kamene congratulates Jalang'o
kamene congratulates Jalang'o

How has 2020 been to you guys?

Has it been the best year in your life? Did it see you lose loved ones? Gain promotion? Did new doors open?

For Jalas, he is just grateful to be alive since he has seen it all.

I am just grateful for being alive, I have buried papa my mentor, Othuol, I have buried my cousin, I buried Kevin Oliech.

When things were looking murky and I had just lost my job in Milele I am grateful I am hosting the number one show in 254." Said Jalas.


He continued to count his blessings;

When things were bad I started Jalang’o TV and the guy from the village put on a gown and I am a degree holder.

My biggest achievement is when I saw my mother at my graduation ceremony looking at me like, yaani you created time, went back to school and graduated?

Also I am grateful for the people who I never thought would be my family."

Kamene narrated how she came close to losing it all, her entire career almost went down the drain.

It has been a year and a half, I almost lost 8-years of dedication and hustle. What I am most thankful for are my immediate family and people like Charity, Nyambura, Peter from Zakale." She said.


I have a great support system, Radio Africa family, Jalang’o who keeps on inspiring me every day, working with you has been on of the biggest blessing this year, he is the embodiment of hard work pays.

202 pushed me out of my comfort zone, made me realize I can be self sufficient, it also made me step out of my comfort zone.