Our very own Jalang'o is the talk of town after he surprised Brizy Annechild, a local artist with a life changing phone call.

Brizy is a popular Luo artist who has seen one of his songs trend on TikTok and Jalas who is in shagz, thought he could surprise him.

The excited singer could not believe he was speaking to Heavy J and when he was eventually invited to his house, Brizy was equally surprised and speechless.

Jalas offered to support him in whatever way he can and even promised to help him do a music video for his song so he could start earning money through Youtube.

An excited Brizy then serenaded the Kiss presenter with his popular song as the two wrapped up a successful discussion that could change his life and career completely.

Team Jalas were touched by his actions and flooded his comment section with love and admiration for him.

Check out some of their reactions;

Tinatish: You have a beautiful heart nyathiwa.. God will always bless you for this and many other ore that you do to deserving kenyans ... much love Fello.

Henrochieng: This is great brother Jalas ....Brizy is overwhelmed with Joy , he can't believe it ....so humble young man

Betty: Ameshtuka haki content ikaisha woyee🥴🥴 bt God!!💕

Pato: Very humble guy and very nice vocals huyo ni Omuselebu already💪💪📌📌

Okoth: Awwwwww, he cannot explain his excitement

Barberick: Huyu jamaa bado hajaaamnini

Esther: I love his work. I don't understand the language I enjoy the beats. Keep it up.

Kaiser: You are my role model heavy J continue with the spirit you have and may God continue blessing you✊

Miss: Bless you jalas that's really good of you keep lifting the less privileged and your cup will always be full..Happy Holidays