Kamene Goro has made it clear, 'bibi ya wenyewe is a no go zone!'

This was after a guy who approached her during a girls night out to katia her then he threw in a heavy one.

"On Thursday I was at some place doing our end year party with the girl squad. Before I know it some guy comes to talk to me. Okay, that night there were many men because well, we were a table of gorgeous babes.


This guy tells me you're so cute and I look at him and say you're equally a snack. We exchange numbers and it is home time. The next day ma good morning texts and I am like heh sawa!" Kamene narrated

Only for manz to say,

"So as we continued talking, he dropped that he has a girlfriend. I was like ooh, okay nice, in that case, see you bye. Then he asked me what's wrong with me and I was in shock because he is the one with the problem. For me, that is a no go zone territory. If you have a girlfriend or wife it is a no for me.


He then told me you never know, we are not that serious and you could be the one to replace her and I am like you have a girlfriend leave me alone. He then tells me I am being unreasonable saying thins things happen. I was in shock."

Kamene was in shock that this is being normalized.

"Then I remembered the saying Nairobi ni per person sharing and I said let me never catch myself to normalize this as a none issue. Is it really happening?" She asked

Interestingly enough, we expected more men to agree that it is what it is but many men called in saying we need to stop normalizing cheating. And the ladies were the ones who vouched for it, if you want him, go for him.