Elsa Majimbo has shot to fame turning one of the most difficult times of life.

We had a lot of content to binge watch on social media and she was a major part of it worldwide. Elsa got a lot of recognition from heavy names including Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Ellen and so many others.

She had an interview with the world's top model Naomi talking about how her family dealt with her instant fame as a viral comedian.

“Their friends told them, so, my mum and dad told me, ‘hey, first of all these videos are affecting your education and we might not like the content you post.’,” Majimbo said.

Adding that she had to take drastic measures to keep posting her content.

“I sat down and listened and after that conversation, I went to my room and blocked all their friends, because I knew they are the only ones who had access. and I continued during my thing. I was like if my dad doesn’t know, it won’t hurt him. I will be happy and he will be happy. It is a win-win.”

For Elsa, the video she did talking about meeting people being impossible at this time was because of a pandemic. It went viral on all social media platforms.

'It is a pandemic! Every time someone wanted to see they would be like, are you home? I would be like, yeah, but it is a pandemic!!!!? and that is how I came up with that video.” Elsa told Naomi

Throughout the year, she managed to scoop a lot of awards but the people's choice awards was the biggest. She may have gotten a lot of hate from Kenyans but she has managed to have a lot of wins.

To another successful year 2021, Elsa.