NTV primetime news anchor Mark Masai has revealed he was not raised by his biological mother rather by one Mary Wight who is his foster mother who worked at a Children's home.

With that, New Life Home, a children's home is very close to his heart so he gives time, money and influence to those little angels. He shared for the first time a photo of his biological mother, disclosing that he always questioned why she did not raise him.

Mark Masai was clear he is not bitter about not being raised by the mother, and he loves her for the role she played in bringing him into this world.

He went on to reveal some information that he was not really born as Mark Masai but Abdullahi Masai, the name his mother Fatumah Abdullahi gave him.

“PERSONAL POST ALERT: Never shared this photo with anyone. Before I came to be known as Mark Masai my beautiful mother Fatuma Abdullahi (holding the umbrella) standing with me and my Auntie Sophia gave me the name Abdullahi Masai. Growing up I always questioned why she didn't raise me (but now thankful that I was raised by my foster mum Mary Wight). I am not bitter now and I love her for the part she played in even just birthing me. That in itself is THE chance of a Lifetime. My mum Mary took up the parenting role and played her Big part. Even you can play your part in the lives of my friends at @newlifehomeke just swipe left to see how you can make things right. We may not have all the answers to life but we all have a call to answer. PLEASE help these friends of mine #250SiKidogo #250NaMabeste #HappyHolidays,” Mark posted

Growing up Mark got to join the African Children's Choir who sponsored him through school. He lived with his foster mother and brother, Andrew Kamau but their mother left the country.

He has been pushing this initiative all holiday long. All he wants to be is the father Christmas to the children this festive season. And he cannot do it on his own that is why he needs your help.