In as much as many people had a very crazy 2020, Elsa Majimbo jumped on the free time we all had and gave us so much content that was hilarious.

Well, sadly not many Kenyans could relate to her jokes and because of that, she did not get the homely support and love. It got so bad for her especially after the trolls started getting personal.

That did not stop Elsa, one win after the other was what her life was filled with. From People's Choice Awards to a very in-depth article on Forbes and a lot of international recognition.

Speaking to Naomi Campbell, she revealed that a lot of Kenyans made her feel like she was not worthy of succeeding just based on how she looked.


"Kenya is my home. you get an attachment to your home but I will say the place that has brought me down the most to be very honest is Kenya. Of course, some of them supported me did but most of them did put me down a lot. Here it is a place where there is a lot of colorism. Lighter people are made to feel like can succeed more and given more opportunity. I was made to feel like, you know since you are darker, I was less pretty, I had fewer chances of succeeding." Elsa said

If you thought the trolls before were bad, this statement got KOT mad saying she has disowned her own country on national TV.

Many of them said that was not the case, for them they could not relate to her jokes and that is it. About how she looks was never in the books.

Luckily for her, she has a great support system around her if strong black ladies so hopefully that will never get to her.

She has made it thus far and the only way from here is up.