Many girls these days dream to be celebrities but there is more than fame according to madame boss, Akothee.

We all know she is never shy to bring forth the realities of life. She will say it as is based on her experience.

Taking to social media, she said being a female celebrity is tough when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Okay, except those who are married.


"No one is suffering from a dry spell like a female celebrity 🤣🤣, everyone is immoral and doing all types of sex styles day in day out, from church pastors to I don't who getting pregnant anyhow and impregnating every Lucy and Achieng, but for a female celebrity everybody wants to offer you Sex just to boast and smear you around, you can't even check into a hotel in peace before they start looking at whose hands are those and whose legs is that? Is it about whom celebrities have Sex with or it's the Act? What's so interesting here?"

Akothee added that people want to get your nVdes and serve tea -hi Edgar Obare- instead of just enjoying what is on the table.

"The only thing available for celebrities for free is not even Sex anymore if you try to unveil that your black Ass like Akothee's, tea is served somewhere 🤦🤦. All the private parts that you have been hiding in public, on the other hand, they will tell you to dress up, you are a grown-up while in a bikini, on the other hand, they will be searching for your nudes, sex tapes and sex partners 💪 your sex tapes trends more than your motivational speeches. Their brains are rotten yet they look for inspiration and role models in you. I tell you for a fact Live your Life the way it comes. "

And of course, it cannot all end without Akothee dissing those who call her out as their role model.

"All I am saying might not make sense to you, but you also don't have to read, it's not by force 💪 This is my wall and my album, anything that doesn't inspire you, please unfollow. Truth is bitter but it's true to whom much is given much is expected. ,🤣🤣🤣Call police."

Don't you just love madam boss.