Makena Njeri turned 29 in style, like literally in one of the best outfits we have seen her in and you know she can really drip up.

Of course, she shared this special day with friends and family and the love of her life, Michelle. Makena posted a very emotional post on what transpired throughout her 28th.

"It’s my birthday!!! Thank you God 🙏🏾 it’s all His favor. Another beautiful year around the sun and oh wow the lessons have been powerful. A revolution was started and it’s been so rewarding to see my dreams start to come alive! My 28th year was beautiful in all ways because I finally came into my own and found my soul. There is nothing more rewarding in this life I tell you all than to be a wholesome human being not perfect but wholesome all this comes with finding your own soul. I started my year promising myself to be Bold and to move different no matter how tough it will be and I am a full filled today looking back at how I have pushed my boundaries in all the possible ways! I found love and love found me and that has to be the best highlight of my life ♥️."

She then went ahead thanks to the two important ladies in her life with sweet words saying.


"For everyone who stuck with me through the tough and happy seasons of my 28th friends, family, brands I raise a glass to you all and let’s soldier on into my 29th spreading only love and happiness which is going to be my mantra. To my darling @michelle.ntalami, I can never forget what you have been to me everything that I embody right now has your DNA on it. To my brother Kimani the one I love the most, my blood connection thank you for your presence and love. My guyoo @niyati.patel10 you presence in my life is irreplaceable and today I celebrate my birthday with love to you both. I know my new year will be amazing with you both by my side. Be ready for the force I will be in my 29th!!! For today we celebrate BOLDLY and with LOVE ♥️🎉.My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. ~ M.A#Iambold✊#imovedifferent👑"

Check out Makena Njeri's Instagram stories and Michelle Ntalami's to see how the party went down.