Bahati has had a tough childhood but look at him now.

So many people left him when he needed their help, especially after his mother died but his neighbor and close friend back then, Naomi and family were there for him.

According to Diana Marua, Naomi pleaded with her mother to take in Bahati as a child who had just lost it all.


"May God Bless you and Increase you Abundantly Beyond your imagination. I Love you soo much NAOMI ❤️🙏She was my husband's neighbor when they were young. She saw my mother in law Ailing from the time she remembers till the time she went to be with the Lord. My Husband was left homeless and rejected by his close relatives. Naomi pleaded with her Mother to take him in even when their situation barely allowed them...I couldn't hold my tears listening to this story. Thank you, God for this far. Catch up with the whole story on my YouTube channel. Don't forget to Subscribe to #DIANABAHATI ❤️"

Bahati responded to the post with love hearts a clear indication Naomi means a lot to him. Meet Naomi: