Kamene Goro has been riding solo for the last two days of this week as Jalang'o is living his best life in different towns.

We all need a holiday and Jalas knows how it is done.

Today, Kamene woke up in a very good mood because this marks her last day of work in 2020. This announcement left people in shock.

"If last day of work was a person! Good morning my loves! #KissKamene. Last day of work." She posted

The next thing we know, people are already sobbing they will not be waking up to that beautiful voice. Well, I am here to tell those crying to keep calm. She just needs a little break for her to go spend time with family.

Lenkois: Unaenda wapi?

Daniel: Are you quitting radio?

Samuel: I will miss you Kamene

Soloh: Meaning you will never work again

Kendall: Last day to kiss all your fans

Gerry: Hey Menje..si nitakumiss sana..sweetie

God willing she will be back come 2021 alongside her morning partner Jalang'o. Happy Holiday's guys.