In as much as there has been coronavirus this year, not so many people have cancelled this year.

A number of artistes got their big breakthrough in 2020 and we loved their music. Others have done one song which hit massively and others have been consistent.

Here is a list of those who blossomed in 2020

1. Xenia Manasseh


After featuring in Sauti Sol's album and working with Mr Eazi, she has finally made it.

2. Ssaru

'Saru wa Manyaru from Kayole, has worked with the likes of Sailors, Bahati, Joefes, Parroty, Kappy, Benzema, Mejja, Jovial and Shay Diva and is now one of the most sought after rappers.

3. Tri Mio

He got his big break in 2020 following the success of his song Cheza Kama wewe. In November he teamed up with Mejja, Exray and Nellythegoon for the Cheza Kama Wewe Remix that has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube. That is the jam we are turning up to all year long.

4. Kahush

He came out of no where and boom! Hits and we love to just say, 'Mi siwezi stop'.


5. Mbogi Genje

We still do not know what they say, but hey, we love the songs.