Sheng has become such a heavy language in 2020. I mean there are words that we still do not know what they mean but we keep learning.

There are songs we listen to and think what did he just say? But we still turn up to them.

Here are a few words we can translate for you.

Kumuok - Coming


Warazi - Enemies

Arif/Fafiri - Friend

Kitu Peng' - Beautiful Girl

Kanairo - Nairobi

Njege/Sanse - Police

Mbwegze - Two

Mashashola - Weed / Cannabis


Kuwamacho - Drinking

Madenge - Girls

Kushikisha - Chewing Miraa

Niko wire - I'm broke

Nauwo - Understand / Know

Niko machingli - I'm rich

Monjoka - Come

Medi - Meditate

Zimenice - Feeling high

Zabe - Chill out place / Base

Rende / Mbogi - Crew

Mtaratara - with plan

You're welcome.