Coronavirus came and hit us by surprise but in as much as it came with so many downs, one of the few ups was the rate of creativity.

To make sure people do not go crazy with all the free time and fear they had, people came up with ways of engaging with each other worldwide through challenges.

Here are some of the biggest challenges sweeping the world during the lockdown.

1. TikTok challenges   


The video-sharing social media app TikTok came in and dominated. It gives you the opportunity to record short videos dancing, singing or sharing quotes. The more enticing it is, the more viral it goes prompting others to copy and reshare the video.

That is how we started challenges. From 'Don't Rush,  Maserati Utawezana and so on. 

2. Song challenges

A template was created monthly or people to use where thee would tag their favorite song based on the tag.

For example, on the tenth day of the month, tag 'a song that cheers you up'.

This challenge went so viral as it gave people an opportunity to expand their playlist.

3. Workout challenges 


This one started with the men challenging each other to help them deal with mental issues, especially during this COVID-19 period.

4. Toilet paper challenge  

This challenge is popular among ladies. You had to twerk and make sure it balances on your back. It wasn't easy but it was good entertainment for the men. 

5. Flip the Switch

DJ Protege and his wife won this challenge in Kenya. *Come find me I am in the office if you want to disagree*. This challenge was on people switching their personalities including their dress code after the switch goes off. Most people who took part in this challenge were couples.