Marya Prude has really gone through so much but she is slowly healing and accepting how things went for her.

Two days ago marked a year since she lost her child with Willis Raburu, the same time they ended their relationship.

But through all the mistakes, lessons, laughs and tears she has been able to build herself. It might not have been perfect, but she lived her best.


Quoting the words of Nikki Banes, Marya Prude posted saying,

"Thank your past self for everything she has done for you, my sweet friend. Thank her for everything she did to get you here. Thank her for the lessons she learned, especially the ones she had to learn the hard way, because you learned so much from diem. Thank her for all of the times she could have easily just thrown in the towel and given up, but she dug her heels in and kept on going anyway. Thank her for all of the mistakes she made because it meant that she kept on trying. Thank her for the mountains she climbed to get you here, for the battles she fought and for all of the tough choices she had to make. Thank her for the bridges she built and climbed over and the bridges she burned to the ground. She might not have done everything perfectly— and she might have done everything wildly far away from perfect— but she did her best with what she had. She tried. She gave so much. She gave so much for you. Forgive her for her mistakes and failures, my sweet friend, and love her entirely because it is only because of her that you are so wonderfully you now. — Nikki Banes I Walk the Earth"