Akothee is one mother who is not afraid to say it as is and with that, she has taught her children the art of confidence.

It has been said so many times that confidence can get you places you never imagined you would get to.

Rue Baby, Akothee's daughter who can also sum up as her bestie is the perfect example of confidence. She has been trolled several times but she still wears that crown like the queen she is.

Taking to social media, she started off the year with some gorgeous pictures of her in a very interesting outfit and with the African theme being projected and she killed it.

In as much as so much skin was showing, her mother Akothee reposted the picture and told her fellow mothers to nurture a confident child.

"Build your children's Self Esteem , Let them be strong from inside to be able to face The outside world 💪🗝️Support your children in every aspects of life ! If they say " mommy I would like to be a singer " please! nature their dreams ,it might be the turning point and a breakthrough of the entire Family 💋#YouthEmpowerment2021" Akothee captioned pictures of Rue Baby

With the generation that is coming up, this message will be very key in raising children.