DJ Creme De La Creme is one of the most renowned household names when it comes to the decks.

He has been in this game for a pretty long time and with every new year he announces he will be quitting. He started this trend in 2014 and six years down the line, he is still hopping from county to county to headline as the main DJ.

This year, Creme posted the same message as his norm and said,

"I swear I've been saying this every year...but on the real, this is my last year as a DJ. 2022 I'll be done."

Because we have seen this so many times, he is being mocked by friends, fans and colleagues.

Dj Joe Mfalme, another major DJ, commented on the post and told him to stop it and the being a deejay his life.

"Wacha kuongea sana....Tukutane Tunnel Sunday 😂😂..Kubali ulisharogwa ndio turoge watu 😂"

Dear DJ Creme De La Creme, if being a deejay is your calling, do not stop giving your best, do you boo.