Vanessa Mdee started her year on a very high note. She finally said yes to the love of her life.

The man she knew she will marry right after they met. Please note this was not the feeling she had with Juma Jux whom she dated for years. Clearly, if you know, you know.

The engagement was so beautiful and intimate. It came after the two got tattoo's of each other's names. So clearly it is now till death do them part.

After Vanessa Mdee said yes to Rotimi's question, rumors started cropping up that they could see a baby bump. Apparently, this was the reason why manz had to hurry up and ask for her hand in marriage.


Vanessa's sister, Mimi Mars has come out to refute such claims. Speaking in an interview with Ijumaa newspaper, Mimi said she would have shared with her fans if indeed she was.

''I am the one who knows the truth. Vee is not pregnant. If she was then she would have announced. She has nothing to hide," Mimi said

So there you have it. But the thing about pregnancy is that it can not be hidden for too long. If she is well and good because she seems very happy and content with her life and Rotimi in it.