Parenthood is not a burden but a huge blessing. Those are madam boss Akothee's words.

The mother of five has and will always be an inspiration to many parents, especially single mothers who are struggling to raise their young kings and queens.

Having seen it all, struggled with her 5 kids to building an empire and seeing her kids go on to conquer the world is what keeps her moving.

Her advice today to the parents out there is that they should not be the ones to leave their kids responsibilities to or with someone else.
She encouraged them to be present in their kids' lives, help them through thick and thin as well as help them through all the obstacles.

Akothee wrote;

Making a woman pregnant doesn't make you a great Parent, giving birth as a woman doesn't make you a great Parent , A great Parent is one parent who is present in the lives of his / her children through thick and thin , A great Parent amidst all obstacles will make sure she / he walks her children through the valleys of life until they attain an age they can make decisions on their own Living this life is very difficult , whom are you leaving your responsibility for?

Who will teach your blood what is wrong and what is right? How involved are you in the lives of your children?, being a parent is not a burden it's a blessing