kamene and jalas 2021
kamene and jalas 2021

Finally 2021 is here and after a heavy and probably one of the most 'not Christmassy ' festive period ever.

Just like everyone else Kamene and Jalas were not really ready to let go of the sherehe but they have to hustle.

Their advice to the youths is that they should start planning as early as now on how the year should pan out. This, they say is to avoid to fail.

"There are people who planned for January, there are people who actually know how their January will be and there are people whose lives are even better in January." Jalas said.

He added,

What does it take? It needs proper planning. There is an old adage that failing to plan is planning to fail.

Let this be an year that you can say you really say you actually planned for something.

Jalas reminded people that today being 4th it feels like the first day of the year given that the year kicked off on a Friday.

He went on to advice youths to write a few things that they want to achieve, write those dreams, realistic ones but then again they should let those dreams scare them.

Kamene chiming in added that it does not matter whether the dreams scare them or not, all in all they should have a plan ready.