2021 is not even a week old and our darling Kamene is already breathing fire.

Taking shots at ladies who's strategy has always been looking for just bus fare and showing up in sherehe Kamene had a simple but brutal advise for them.

"It is not even safe for you to go somewhere na hauna namna ya kuwa hapo, please don’t do it." Kamene said.

Do not expose yourself to the vulnerability of men because you will not find some good ones. Of course there are good ones out there mwenye atasema OK fine, I will help you with XYZ.

Kuna mwingine who will want something in return for that assistance."

She went on to narrate a story she heard of a lady from Thika road, who went for sherehe along Ngong road with just Sh200 on her, only to find herself in Ngong the next morning.

Msichana anasema eti aliwekewa mchele, No! You were not. Haukuwa na dooh ukaona kuna mtu ako na dooh amekubuyia drinks.

Before she could tell the entire story Jalang’o interjected;

No I think 2021 should be different and I want to talk to my beautiful sisters.

If you don’t have money stay at home. Hii mambo ya kuitwa kwa sherehe haujui, and if you have to leave at least fika huko kama uko na kakitu yenye you can order your own drink.”

An angry Kamene was not buying it;

Just don’t, me I imagine how wrong it could go uingie gari ya Psycho, you’ve met this dude in the club, ako na gari before you know it ujipate kwa forest gani and all his friends have a way with you.

Check out the video below;