Size 8 and DJ Mo have been through so much and that makes their relationship very strong.

We have heard their story on how they met and the drastic changes they made to be with each other.

Just a few months ago, DJ Mo was in one of the biggest scandals in 2020. He was rumoured to be cheating on his wife Size 8 and that story went viral with 'receipt's being produced.

Still, they stuck to each other. Remember Size 8 prayed and fasted. Call it what you want but the two have too much love between them.


Sharing a TBT picture, Size 8 encouraged her fans that it does not matter where you are, it is all about where you are going.

"Enyewe nobody knows the future hapa I was in class 7 presenting a poem at the music festival I didn't know that leo itakuwa hivi so be positive as you start the year no matter how beaten you are put your Hope's in Jesus Christ." She captioned

She may think alikua amechapa, but other than that encouraging messages, DJ Mo replied with a very cute caption and said he will still have hit that.

"Hii kitu sio mbaya tungemeet then Bado ningeichukua 🤣."

I pray that this year you will find a partner who will have such sweet words for you.