On Monday January 4th, finally students trooped back to school after almost an year at home due to Covid-19.

Streets, bank halls and supermarkets were filed with with uniforms as parents were on that last minute rush.

Jalas noted that most schools spent the entire day taking kids through the Covid-19 protocols but the three big questions on the morning Kiss today were;


1. When you went to pick your children in the evening did they still have their masks on

2. Were they social distancing?

3. Do you feel safe sending your kid to school during the pandemic?

Kamene focusing on the high school students asked;

Given that these kids will be in there for a long period, how many masks did you send your kids back with?”

A few parents called in while some gave their feedback on how the first day of school was like to many children.

Dorothy: For kids, masks won’t work juu wakifika gate wanatoa.


Maranda: We have exposed our kids even more by re-opening the schools in the middle of a pandemic

Agnes: Kids will be like “Nisaidie na mask yako niende staffroom”

For one Mr. Adeka, he was excited to go back to class.

"In March some teachers were sent on compulsory leave but now we are happy to go back to work."