Last we left, Brenda and Juliani broke up and then rumors started creeping up that she is dating Ephy Saint.

A few months ago, there were other rumors that she could be expecting baby number two. With Ephy or someone else? Only she knows.

But the statement Brenda dropped on her latest post made us think things might not be okay in that rumored relationship.

She posted a very sexy picture of herself of course -because 2021 is all about self-love- and captioned it saying,

"The streets don't want me. Healthy relationships don't want me. I'm stuck in purgatory."

Interestingly enough, so many ladies captioned saying they are with her in that boat. Singlehood is now a trend as painful as it is for many women.

It has been a while since we have seen those cute pictures of Brenda and Ephy so maybe, just maybe things are over between them or maybe it is all for clout.