Recently engaged Vanessa Mdee and fiancé Rotimi are already looking to move to the next stage of their relationship.

Okay, it is not the next based on society because after engagement should be wedding then children. For Rotimi, he is already shooting his shot for baby number one.

Talking to Mimi Mars, Vanessa’s younger sister, the couple revealed that they are rushing things (Wedding plans) so as to have their firstborn.

“I’m trying to make sure i get her off this thing so that we get baby number one." Said Rotimi.

Mimi Mars added;

“I know right, its about time. I want to pressure both of you so that by the end of the year we have a little dancing baby”

Vanessa said;

“From your lips to God’s ears”

Asked when they will be going to see Vanessa’s family in Tanzania, the two said

“Very soon, I promise.”

These are the sign of a happily ever after plan. So cute.