Mulamwah and his ex Sonnie broke up last year when we were deep in lockdown.

His reason was that she had changed after he elevated her and the relationship wasn't going to survive. You know what, read the poem below:

All this happened between Thursday and Friday and by Saturday, Mulamwah decided to go and release his heartbreak stress in the club. To get him out of that space came Shakilah. She twerked his pain away and kissed his sorrows goodbye.

Today, his ex turns a year older and on a normal day, we would have expected a long emotional message but he kept it short but still sweet.

"All factors kept constant, help me wish her a happy birthday as she turns 23, you deserve the best day ever regardless, happy birthday ka ma’am, blessings @carrol_sonie" He took to Instagram

I know, I know, so mature of him, right? He did not have to let their difference come between wishing her the very best in life.