Maureen Waitiu may have lost a boyfriend but she gained amazing boys - Kai and Lexxy, her sons.

She has always made it clear that her love for them is undisputed. Nothing and no one can come between them.

Taking to social media today, she wrote a long post to her little boy, Kai where she just appreciated who he is. She spoke of his character and the joy he brings her.

"A little appreciating to my 2 and a half-year-old Kai Kai🤗🤗. If Mr. Smart Mouth and Cheeky had a face, this would be it 🤗. It goes like this, Mommy to Kai Kai who won't leave the water dispenser alone: "Kai Kai! What are you doing?"Kai Kai: "I am not Kai Kai, I am drinking water"🤦🏾‍♀️ or Nanny, goes, "Young Man! What are you doing? Kai Kai: "I am not Young Man, I am Mr. Baby Kai Kai!". Everybody, when did he grow so fast?! Later, "mummy, you my friend?" 😭😭. Did I mention that he has a slight baby lisp because of his baby teeth front gap? It's the cutest thing ever! He reminds me to love life to the fullest because he lives haaaard! He eats everything, drinks everything, cries so loudly, laughs equally hard, sleeps hard and he's as strong as a baby calf! But the win goes to how he's always looked at me-swipe⬅️, it melts my heart like chocolate in the sun🌸🌺💐. My Kai Kai, As your mother, I'll always be in one of the three places. In front of you to cheer you on. Behind you to have your back or next to you so you're never alone."Maureen posted