Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu
Image: Instagram

It has been a year since Willis Raburu lost his daughter and a few months since he became a single man.

Through it all, he has admitted that he is not a perfect man. He has made several mistakes but that has not stopped him from learning. He falls gets back up and tries again and that is the message he has for y'all.

"Sometimes life gets dark and it’s important not just to remind myself of these truths but I am here to remind you as well, that no matter your flaws and your darkness and your pain, as you wade through the often murky waters of life remember these statements and repeat them and most importantly BELIEVE THEM!!! It’s not easy and it’s not an overnight plan, it’s takes time, I am not there yet sometimes I steep into angst too BUT slowly and surely we will get there!!! I’m rooting for you, so please let’s not give up!! Not yet! God is not through with us yet! God loves you and that will NEVER change!!"  Willis penned down

The beginning of this year was tough for both him and his ex Marya Prude as they commemorated the death of their first-born. They both posted a sweet message to her just to show that it may have been a year, but the memories remain.



Many of their fans who loved them as a couple still have hope that they will work through things. Well, we wait and see because 2021 looks promising.