For the last few weeks, media personalities, the likes of Abel Mutua and Nick Odhiambo have been using their craft to open the eyes of Kenyan voters.

Abel on his part narrated how politicians never campaign in leafy suburbs but just in slums and rural areas.

He went on to highlight how the paid legislators won't connect their constituents to clean water but will always show up with water tanks to seek praise. 


"So you are here being tormented, you are tormented then you will be given something as small as water in a lorry and all of a sudden we will forget all of our torments. Forget all of our struggles. How are we allowing our children to go to school under trees?" Kamene asked.

She went on;

The year is 2021 are you crazy? In a country where we are paying 30% income tax? There is this other 3% tax for small businesses.

She went on to point out that In East Africa we are easily the heaviest taxed population yet we are OK with our kids sitting under trees.

“We are OK being told ‘send your child to school nunua mask lakini akae chini ya mti. Guys tutachoka lini?’

These people are paid heavily to ensure water gets to your house it doesn’t. Mtu anakuletea maji na lorry ooh wow!”

Jalas added;

"Anytime I pass through these streets and I see the young women and men out there who have gone to school and achieved some level of education, but all they have been reduced to is to cut grass and unclog trenches in the name of Kazi mtaani only to be paid Sh500."