Remember the video we highlighted yesterday of a lady who went on a tirade accusing Kenyan men of unwanted behaviors? 

She became a topic of discussion today on morning Kiss with Kamene siding with her, exposing men who only want to take advantage of women.

"Mandem ataku call uko? Have you cooked? Can I come over we chill as you cook for me? Who?" Kamene said. 

Jalang'o today was ready to go to war for the boychild give how fiercely he defended them.

He argues that when a Kenyan woman chooses to accept some sorts of behaviors from men, she should be the one taking the blame.

"You will not accuse sons of solomon in your own madness." Said Jalang'o.

You can’t complain about something you have been accepting. These people should know that they have to have their own places, paid for their own Netflix. Women you are the ones who have accepted that, you attract nonesense you get nonsense.

Kama umegeuzwa cook hii Nairobi geuzwa, kama cushion inamalizwa wacha imalizwe saitan!"

He was not stopping there and advised the women to always be the reason he levels up not condone such behaviors.

Kamene says;  In an ideal world this man will see that and will instead live with you 

Jalang'o's  argument is, if a man tells you he wants to come to you you should instead insist on going to him.

I have a friend who had to go and buy sofas and kina curtains once the lady said she was coming to visit him.

Baby I want to embarass you, you have a beautiful car house and you are beautiful, any man who wants to disturb you has to level up. Give them a tour of your house and after that he will go and improve.

Jalang'o adds that he used to take girls to Mwiki back in the day but many left him. He now challenges to go to his mansion where they will find his wife.