Everyday Kamene ensures she gives her fellow sisters some wisdom to keep them strong and motivated.

Today she was calling out the people who come into your life and start spewing negativity regarding your body and everything just to fit their likeness.

This was aimed at body shamers who love controlling their partners and end up ruining their self esteem.


Don’t change for anybody other than yourself and let no one put you in a position to feel that you have to change for them.

Our God is a God of perfect work kwani yeye ni chizi alituumba vile tuko? You are enough babe you don’t have to change, change 'cause you want to be different. You came to this world one and you will leave one." Kamene advised.

Jalas said that he hates people who come to other people's lives to try to change them and make them insecure.

If you are this guy who meet someone and start saying 'I don't like you in makeup etc, number one; There is a buffet out there go and choose what you want,"  Jalas said.

Narrating her previous experience with a guy who tried to change her, Kamene said;

There was a time I dated a guy and I realized this twisted guy, everything that came out of his mouth was negative.

He was like; You need to go change how you dress and be a bit more serious. Eti for you to succeed you need to dress like you are going to state house everyday. I was like me? Get out!

Kamene continued;

The last straw was; 'I think you need to use the gym in your apartment,' so I was like I am changing because that is what happens when your cheque becomes bigger!