Size 8 welcomed the new year with a gospel show where she entertained viewers with a lit performance. You know how vigorous she gets on stage.

But that was not people's concern. They were distracted by what they call a bulging belly. I mean it could be the camera angle? The top she wore, the food she ate or she could be pregnant.

After all the comments on the video she shared on social media, Size 8 had to make things clear. She was just full and not pregnant as many thought.


Speaking to Mpasho about this, Mama Ladasha went on to say;

"Sina mimba ni kushiba aki. Hiyo siku nikaa nilikua nimekula sana."

Size 8 went on to add that most of the time when pregnant; she is always in a low mood. unlike what is seen on the video making rounds online. Mama Junior went on to say;

"Naeza kua na mimba na hiyo kudance yote.?? My mood while pregnant has always been very low."

Take her slow fam.