Dr. Ofweneke kept his wife, Christine, away from social media for a pretty long time then he dropped a picture kissing her so we couldn't see her face.

Next thing we see is a baby bump and before we know it, Dr. Ofweneke aka The Eagle, is a father to a gorgeous baby girl.

It seems like it was just the other day right? Today, his daughter Eisley turns one and manz is a super happy and proud father.

His family has made it this far despite having one of the most difficult years (2020) of their life.

"My love Eisley Favour Sande,

On this day a year ago you joined us. I was so confused that I knocked down a few cars just to get mummy to @rfh_healthcare for your welcoming. My 3rd fruit and clearly a blessed one. You were born in the most toughest year esp for your dad and mum just like we named you Favour God showed us that.

You have been a constant reminder that true natured love with patience can produce such a beautiful soul.

On behalf of Queen and I, we bless you our daughter. WE DECLARE YOU SHALL BRING US PRIDE ALL THE YEARS OF YOUR life.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY E 😘😘😘😘" Ofweneke posted

In another post, he promised to be the best father to baby E.

"As your father on this 1st birthday, I promise to protect,provide, cherish, walk, advice, nature, heal and love you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY E😘😘😘"

Adding that baby E brings so much joy to him and his wife, Christine.

"With the smile & heart of your Mum & the Energy and firmness of your dad you are destined to take over the world!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY E 😘😘😘."

Congratulations Dr. Ofweneke and Christine and happy birthday baby Eisley.