Khaligraph vs eric omondi
Khaligraph vs eric omondi

As reported by, on Tuesday night Khaligraph went live on Instagram and he was not messing around.

He started off by announcing his new jam featuring Sarkodie this coming Monday.

OG also revealed that his new album is set to be released in February saying that African artists should be very much scared.

Wasanii nimewapea headstart, anzeni kutoa ngoma na video nimewaambia kwa sababu zangu huwa international level. Nikianza nitawapea rat race 2021 we taking that sh*t to the next level.

The father of one then went on to mention Kenyan acts by name urging them to start releasing their projects as early as now.

However, when one fan mentioned Eric Omondi as one of the Kenyan artists, the OG did not hold back.

Eric omondi was looking buff the other day now he is looking skinny ama ni hawa mabibi wengi umeoa wamekumaliza huna stamina? Uko chini. You need to go back to the gym.

This never sat well with the president of comedy in Africa and he had to dicth his husband duties to hit back at Africa's best rapper.

Posting a video of the OG calling him out, Eric wrote;

Budaa I think sasa tumeanza kuzoeana😡😡...Nataka kuchukua time off Kidogo from my busy schedule ni DEAL Nawewe once and for all...Hii Ujinga na Upuzi lazima iishe na Heshima itadumuu...RESPECT THE PRESIDENT KIJANA...&%$^#)&.


We all know the two are best of buddies and that they both benefit from their internet rivalry but everyone loves it when they go for each other's throats.

Stay tuned for what happens next !