jalas and kamene
jalas and kamene

Kamene and Jalas just like many other Kenyans were shocked to learn that 86 doctors were sacked by Mombasa County government.

The doctors were dismissed from work after failing to report to their work stations.

According to The-Star.co.ke, the statement from county secretary CS Jeizan Faruk on Wednesday said that the 86 doctors have been sent letters and advance copies have been shared to their mails.

Reacting to the news, Jalang'o says that Kisii Governor, James Ongwae, Ongwae was arguing that they have a return to work formula but he cannot pay them for the time they didn’t work. 

"While you were on strike we looked for people to try and fix things as we talked to you and we paid them and we don’t have money to pay you." Jalang'o said.

He went on to state that Joho and his team have been having conversations with the doctors and the nurses and have not reached an agreement.

They said since they can’t reach an agreement with them, they should then pave way for other people who want to come in and work with the terms that they have.

Angered by the recent developments, one listener suggested that Kenyans should hold politicians ransom with the BBI.

Meaning if they want us to vote for it then they should first give us proper healthcare, proper education, infrastructure and everything that we deserve as citizens.

Below are some of the reactions from callers and Twitter users;

Junior:That dude has never set foot in a public hospital

Peter: When health was with the National government people were being employed on permanent basis now this **** called governor employ us on contract so that they can use that to fire us when we ask for better working condition. AM A LAB TECH NA TUMEANZA MGOMO, HAMJALIA MTALIA

Ndungu wainana: t is incomprehensible how @KenyaGovernors, @MOH_Kenya @Senate_KE cannot hold a candid meeting and resolve devolved health issues.National Government must let go 90% health budget it is unconstitutionally holding to Counties. Counties must ring fence health budget

Kevin Muthini: What I can say about this sentiment about doctors is that the government is not at a position to acknowledge the sacrifices that these people do, saving lives and so forth.. It is early time that the doctors should be treated like an egg

Felister: Madaktari na walimu hawafai kuchezwa nao, they're the pillars of the world!!!