Kamene Goro and many others of us babes are clearly on the same boat.

End of the year is usually a time we dread to go home because family will always have that one question, where are your partner. We all do not like that question because of inauma.

"This woman went to shagz over the holidays and she spent a lot of time with her extended family and people are asking where is her man. The pressure is real but she is complaining about basic things." Jalas said

Speaking to Jalang'o, Kamene said she went to see her grandma and she was asked why she ain't got a man.

"So let me tell you, over Christmas, I went to my grandparent's house in LA (Langata), my mum's parents. I was the original Kamene the one I am named after. She was like, 'Sasa wewe, unaolewa lini? You hava a nice job, car and house why aren't you married?' I told her the mess that is out here, wacha tu." 

Adding that the streets do not have legit men.

" I am the queen of single people and let me tell you the conversations on my phone are always


Him: Hey

Me; Hey

Him: Uko?

Me: Niko home tu...

Him: Unado?

Me: Nachill tu...

Him: Umepika nipitie? We can Netflix and chill


You see what this man wants is to use my things, including having access to my promised land in my house? Why?"

The streets of love have become so tough. I am sure many of you can relate to this story. Men, let us do better.