Do not let anyone dictate your future, be your own boss and do you boo. Exactly what Risper Faith did.

It has been three years since she walked down the aisle with her husband, Brian. This was after so much drama they went through in the Kenyan reality show, Nairobi Diaries.

The two met online and we know how these stories end but theirs was different. It was built on a foundation of love. And three years ago, they threw a very lavish wedding ceremony. This was way before COVID-19 came to spoil it all.


In memory of that day, Risper took to social media and said God has been faithful.

"This year I will be celebrating 3 years in marriage thank you God, I remember a certain friend said to me once Risper you will never get married but who is God ?When you believe in Him, he will never disappoint you, just put your trust in Him. My parents at the background looking very proud love you mum and dad." She captioned a wedding photo

Now they have a child and Risper Faith is a lot of inches less on her waist.