Kamene Goro has a similar story to so many of us ladies.

Men, move closer.

Why do you take so long to shoot your shot then get angry when someone comes and surpasses you?

"So jana I was just having a good time with my girls pale sherehe then a guy walks in. Now, this guy has been shooting his shot for the last 5 years." Kamene started.

Before she even went ahead with the story, Jalas interpreted her in shock saying,


"Wait what? Five? Yani tukachagua rais akamaliza first term and he has done nothing? Awache. If you're shooting your shot shoot it. Will you die?"

Kamene continued with her story saying,

"Now wait, there is more. So I welcome him and show him a seat next to me I mean we had a huge table and we were many so let us party. Then walks in another mandem who has seriously shot his shot for a month. "

Jalang'o was clear that the new guy is the guy to be introduced.


"Immediately this 5-year guy must leave the table. You must now introduce this one-month guy as the real man not this perambulator."

Kamene laughed and said she did not even have to tell him to leave, he was too angry he up and left.

"It is simple guys, shoot your shot tell a woman what you want be straight you will not die. She will either accept or reject you. Say what you want to say. In a day or a week. Past that no way."  Jalas advised men

Kamene told the men to move fast.

"Please let us agree men, in a week if you do not shoot your shot, out and on to the next." 

A surprised Jalang'o said ended the topic by asking

"Weh kwani how fast are you moviing. Ni KBS tunapanda ama ni mapenzi tunapanga? "