Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

On Friday morning, decided to add more fun into their show as they played the 2021 predictions game on each other.

The two took turns to predict how each other's year will be, from matters love and family to career moves.

Kamene predicted that Jalas and his beautiful wife will add another child, something which he vehemently challenged.

Jalang'o: I had already vasectomize myself, staki! Have you seen these bills? Aii it's crazy! In fact don't have children, three are enough. Unless unataka waende wakasomee huko sijui wapi. Children are expensive.

Mimi na mama tumesema tumetosheka.

Kamene: I see you going on TV

Jalang'o: For me Jalang'o TV is everything for now, I already have my TV. Never ever, we don't really want to go into that we just want to be online.


But what is Jalang'os prediction for Kamene?

If you are serious if you accept you will find someone to settle with.

I f you accept that we put up that production and we actually audition and get the right man for you.

Jalang'o believes people will apply and he thinks to do away with jokers, the applicants will have to show their cars, money and assets to prove that Kamene is not settling for less.

Check out the video below.