2020 was a crazy year no doubt. There was so much confusion and instability but at the end, we came out of it with a lesson or two.

Chiki Kuruka got married that very year to her soulmate Bien, which brought drama because they, they had like 10 people present for the ceremony.

And no, they are not sorry. In fact, it came as a blessing because they did not have to spend so much money leaving them with something to survive with in 2020.

As 2021 began, one thing Jalang'o said on air is that you need to make plans that are beyond coronavirus and the government directives.
This he argued is because if you base your resolutions on that,  you will waste another year.


Chiki has made one and it is to just appreciate life.

"With everything happening in the world, 2020 taught me to be happy for life. For simply waking up in the morning. Celebrating imperfections. " She shared

Like many said at the beginning of this year, if you survived 2020, be grateful that you are alive.