Bridgerton is the number one series everyone's' talking about since the day it premiered on Netflix.

The storyline is amazing, but what more do we expect,  the executive producer is Shonda  Rhimes.

More to the story is the gorgeous Duke of Hastings whose real name is Rege-Jean Page. Manz has ladies rewatching the series over and over again.

His chemistry with Daphne whose real name is, Phoebe Dynevor had many thinking there is more to their relationship than what we see on TV.

Speaking in an interview with Access Hollywood, Rege had dropped a subtle hint that they were quite close but suggested they were only romantic on screen.

"I think that everything you need to know is on camera. All the sparks that flew came off the beautiful scripts we were handed. So I think that the sparky words, scripts and material are more than enough." He said

But Phoebe's body language was telling us otherwise. She was blushing during the interview.

Rumor has it that there will be more to the few episodes that have been released and that it will develop into multiple series.