We have to just call it as it is. Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol are probably the cutest East African celebrity couple jumping into 2021.

Just a mention, Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi are coming in strong.

Okay, back to the Mnyang'anga's. The weekend saw Anerlisa celebrate her 33rd year on earth and her husband made it worthwhile. The pictures they posted on social media had many thinking, 'this could be us, but...'. Including Tanzanian comedian, Idris Sultan.

Manz so hot but single - ladies do not sleep on that statement.
Commenting on the couple's picture, he revealed he is struggling when it comes to love.


"Paulo wewe tayari upo February, wenzio tunatesekaaaa 😭" Idris told Ben Pol

Basically, he is telling Ben that he is already in the month of love, February yet he is out here suffering.

The Mnyang'anga's have maintained their relationship all the way to marriage despite so much hate on social media. They have been broken up so many times and in a recent interview, Anerlisa made it clear they have never broken up nor separated since they met. Read more about that below: