Genge star, Mejja has been quite a role model for many people ever since he broke into the music scene.

He has been giving us hits after hits, securing endorsements but still manages to stay humble while doing so.

He says that his mantra is about trying to showcase or prove that simplicity is really dope.

That has been seen in how he carries himself, how fast he is to promote up and coming artist, doing collabos for free.

Speaking to Radio Jambo's Massawe Japanni, Mejja said;

Ukiwa mtu si wewe inakuanga ngumu sana ku maintain. What I am pushing right now is the ideology of simplicity. You don’t have to be extravagant for people to know that you are a doctor, presenter or an artist, it is good to be realistic in life.

He advised people to at least save and invest their hard earned money.

Si lazima eti kwa sababu una profession fulani unafaa kuishi design fulani, save your money manze invest your money.

Watch a short clip from the interview below;