On Sunday, The-star.co.ke reported that the prime suspect in the murder of five family members in Kiambu revealed that he was influenced by Killing Eve a British TV show.

The paper revealed that Lawrence Simon Warunge told police he went online to search how he can execute his mission the same way the main character in the movie psychopathic assassin Villanelle does without a trace.

Lawrence is a 23-year-old  IT student at a local university and together with his girlfriend Saram Muthon are expected in court in today.

Upon reading about the sad story the big question Kamene and Jalas were asking today is;

Do you check what your kids are watching? 

The parents who are raising their Jaydens and their Aidens via tabs and you are so proud when your child knows how to maneuver Youtube on his or her own. But what are you exposing your child to? Kamene asked.

Jalang’o said;

I have heard and seen parents who say; Oh unajua mtoto wangu anaweza ingia Youtube a search na nini ebu mpe simu aone. Make sure you have all those parental controls on those gadgets and everything, just make sure that you know and control what your child is watching.You go kill your brother because of a series?

I hope this will serve as a wake up call to the parents to always make sure they are monitoring what their kids are consuming on TV.