It was all fireworks over the weekend during Musalia Mudavadi's mother's funeral over the weekend.

As expected, every politician who spoke focused on the 2022 elections with President Kenyatta's successor being the hot topic.

When H.E Uhuru Kenyatta spoke, he wondered whether the country must be run by certain tribes, some utterance that did not augur well with Kamene.

"It is so unfortunate the president can talk about tribe when it comes to election. Sawa there are those who will vote along tribal lines kuna wenye watavote cause someone is a hustler." Kamene said.

She added,

You as a taxpayer you are their employer. So during elections we treat the candidates as job applicants where they come with their CVs. For me I don’t have a tribe I am mixed from here to Timbuktu, so we are looking at merit.

The big question which Kamene and Jalas were asking today is; How are we going to vote come 2022?

Will it be the hustlers vs dynasties vs merit?

Below are some of the reactions;

Namachanja: The tribal card is off the table this time, it is the hustlers vs the dynasties

McDan: We are looking for people who are doing good for us

Cleo: There is nothing like a hustler it is a fallacy created to confuse Kenyans

Uterus Dislocator: Yes Ruto ana pesa but he is thinking about us hustlers, not that he is the best but he knows our struggles.Caller: For now tuombe tu God atupe a good leader who is green and never been in politics to lead us forward.

Malcom: The president should know he is a father of many nations for example what he said about ‘usione simba amenyeshewa ukadhani ni paka’ that was very bad.