Maureen Waititu has really kept a low profile when it comes to the drama in her life this year. 

I know we all love some drama, but her peace of mind we love more. Well for her and her baby daddy, Frankie Kiarie aka Just GymIt.

Seems like everyone is happy. She is out there helping her fellow mothers be their best and an amazing mother to her boys and for Frankie, he is being a good father to Tayari and boyfriend to Corazon.

We still do not have information on their situation as co-parents since we last left it at.


Taking to social media, Maureen had a message to the naysayers, probably team Frankie and Corzaon who have so many heavy opinions about her. Or she could probably be addressing the two, who knows. But it is evident it is directed to people who do not like seeing her win.

"Don't mind the naysayer's sis, keep pushing forward and they will have to watch you flourish for the rest of their lives." Maureen posted.

Last we hear from her, she made a bold statement saying she is at peace with herself. And that is what we are all aiming for this year,2021. Yes?