It still hurts to call Pascal Tokodi someone's husband. I know ladies, you and I are in the same boat.

Married to Grace Ekirapa, manz is the perfect husband. He helps her in the kitchen. He is not those men who sit on the couch. legs up or playing Play Station when the wife is busy making a whole meal.

Taking to social media, she revealed that she needs to find a new activity for him in the kitchen now that they have a machine to perform the duties he used to.

"So I enjoy having my Babie helping in the kitchen by chopping vegetables a lot but Vindu Vichenjanga 😂😂, @pascaltokodi has decided to ditch kitchen time with me by getting this chopper 😫😫😫😩 I guess I just need to find another role for him in the kitchen lol😜😜 @villa_households_kenya this Electric Chopper is life changing Manze..... thank you soo much and now you need to help me figure out what else @pascaltokodi can do in the kitchen as I cook,🤷🏻‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️" Grace said.

The last couple of weeks has seen the two declare their love for one another after denying it for so long that they were married. The suspicions started after the release of their video, 'You' featuring King Kaka.

They seem really happy so that makes us happy.