Tanasha Donna tasted it and she did not like it. I mean the life of likes and validation on social media.

Remember when she was jut getting into the world of fame with her music, then she dated the most controversial man you will ever meet. Okay not any more, Diamond seems to be making more hits and less clout. Hi Eric Omondi.

I confused you a bit there, sorry. Back to Ms. Donna or if you like Mama NJ.

So with that life of fame, she is now chilled. Just making music not for the likes but because she actually loves it.

In a recent post, she spoke about  the empty life she once lived. According to Tanasha, almost everything she did was for the gram, likes, views and validation from people she knows nothing about.

However after seeking wisdom from the Quran she now says that she has realized the only validation she needs is from and for God.

"I used to do it for the likes, or the views, or the validation… Till I realized likes doesn’t mean I’m actually liked, views DON’T pay & the only validation I need is God’s. #onmyownlane ."