Kamene Goro, Wahu, Avril and Azziad
Kamene Goro, Wahu, Avril and Azziad

When did the romance end? That was Kamene's biggest question this morning.

This was after she narrated how she witnessed true love with power couple, Wahu and Nameless on Monday.

"Jana we were shooting with Wahu, Azziad and Avril. So we had 3 sets and there was a set we were together with wahu and azziad, so before we began rolling, nikaskia ‘babe!’ kumbe Nameless ndio ali show up." Narrated Kamene.

She added;

Yaani these guys have been together for 20 years but he still surprises her on set to wish her a good shoot. I honestly believe it is possible for you (men) to be this good ni kuringa tu. I know men are capable of being amazing.

Jumping to men's defense, Jalang'o reminded Kamene that indeed there are very many good men out there.

There are so many men who are out there supporting their wives and girlfriends.

You see for example my wife, she’s proven to me she is worth my love she epitomizes everything and kuna wengine ni vita tu hakuna peace." Jalang'o said.

True to Kamene's words, majority of the women who called in expressed that they don't remember they were shown romance.

One caller said: Kamene which era do you live in? Some of us are called when there is an emergency, mimi hata I have moved on, whenever he calls I ask 'Is everything OK?'

John Karanja: Sahii mtu akikushow I love you run juu anataka kukuibia pesa

Ruth kim: Last time nimefunguliwa mlango ni kwa bank nikiingia yeye akitoka

Dorothy: Love iliisha kitambo.

I dated someone for 3 years and he was good for like 4 months and all of a sudden no support, anaenda job. Mark you I was working and akanitoa kwa job and he was giving me money and after a while he used to leave me in the house.

When I got a job I moved out.