TikTok continues to be a place that brings joy and inspires creativity, but it is evident that this would not be the case without its community of creatively diverse users. Here are the top three most popular TikTok content creators in Kenya who have significantly grown their fan bases due to their high quality, engaging and inspiring short-form videos.

These gorgeous ladies @azz_iad, @naughty_by_nature11 and @namo_in, have been instrumental in bringing joy to their followers and inspiring positivity through their creative and fun content development abilities.

  1. @azz_iad

TikTok star, Azziad Nasenya, known by her handle @azz_iad turned into an instant online sensation in April 2020 after videos of her jamming to Femi One’s hit ‘Utawezana’ featuring rapper Mejja alias Okwonkwo trended on TikTok.

The 20-year-old student trended due to her enchanting, effortless waist wiggling and infectious smile that won the heart of many new online fans. Over the past few months, her following has been growing steadily with her current fan base sitting at over 805.7K with 9.7M likes across her videos. Azziad describes herself as a walking trophy and aptly openly shares that she supports positive vibes only.

2. @namo_in

@namo_in. tiktok photo: courtesy
@namo_in. tiktok photo: courtesy

Another fast-growing creator is Namita Vajpayee, known by her TikTok handle as @namo_in. The Nairobi-based creator enjoys making fun, comedic videos as well as participating in trendy dance challenges. Her fan base currently stands at over 462.9K followers with 7M likes across her posts.

Wise words from Namita: ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’.

3. @naughty_by_nature11

Sukeyna Mohamed, known by her TikTok handle as @naughty_by_nature11, has become another one of Kenya’s rising TikTok stars. Sukeyna focuses her efforts on generating uplifting, fun videos to inspire hope and help the community stay entertained.

“With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing most of us to stay at home, now more than ever, it is important to have a creative outlet and a source of inspiration to keep us going,” says Sukeyna.

The 26-year-old has fashioned her content around trendy dance styles and skits. She has a following of over 366.1K with 4.2M like across her content. She believes real is better than perfect.

Take a look at some popular TikTok videos posted by the three artists